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Mommy Chic Jewelry

step 1. pick your pendant
step 2. pick your charms

Mommy Chic: where style meets sentimentality

Our customizable necklaces allow you to add a charm for each child, with options ranging from birthstones to initials and beyond.

Give Mom or Grandma a gift from the heart with a personalized necklace that she’ll cherish forever.

Shop now and create a piece as unique as she is!


Coin Birthstones $15

coin birthstones

Briolette Birthstones $29

briolette birthstones

Initials $23

initial charms

Assorted Charms

Necklace Examples

mommy chic necklace with charms: along came a little child who stole my heart
mommy chic necklace with charms: you are my sunshine
mommy chic necklace with charms: we love you to the moon and back

All charms sold separately