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JF Jones Jewelers History


694 S. Clinton

Corner of S Clinton & S Goodman. No photo of Store Front.


Corner of Ridge & Dewey

Located at South West Corner. Briefly located at North East corner 1969-1972


630 W Ridge Rd.

East Side of West Ridge Plaza. 72-78 Next to Barber Shop, 78-94 Next to Skips


660 W Ridge Rd.

West Ridge Plaza adjacent to Drive-Thru Beverage, Formerly Simpsons Donuts


1588 W Ridge Rd.

Stone Ridge Plaza near Stone Rd. Entrance


Joseph F. Jones



Len Jones

Son of Joseph


Colleen Jones

Wife of Leonard


Brittany Jones

Daughter of Len & Colleen

Joseph F. Jones dropped out of high school in 1923 at the age of 14. His father was very upset and found him a jewelry and watch apprenticeship at JR White Company downtown. Upon completion Joseph opened his own repair shop on the corner of South Goodman and South Clinton in Swillburg. One day a young woman by the name of Winnie stopped in to have her fathers watch repaired. It was love at first site. The two were married in 1936 and had four children that helped out at the store throughout the years.

In 1939 the store expanded and moved to the bustling Ridge & Dewey corner. The new store was much larger to include a selection of fine and costume jewelry, small appliances, razors and fine silverware. The friendly Hall brother were just kicking off their greeting card business and Winnie wanted to take a chance on them. JF Jones was one of the first stores to sell Hallmark greeting cards in the area and continued to do so until Hallmark Card Stores first opened.

The couples younger son and third child, Len, took to the business. Len started as an apprentice at a young age and worked at the store through high school. He worked briefly at Kodak but came back to take over upon his father’s retirement in 1976.

Len met Colleen, a waitress at the Little Queen where he frequented for lunch in 1976. He quickly swept her away to take over as bookkeeper. Colleen laughingly remembers Len’s bookkeeping system as a shoe box. She grew up in a family business herself, Dupont TV. In 1978 the store moved a few shops down the plaza between Skips and Century Liquor. The two married in 1979.

Len & Colleen’s daughter, Brittany, was born and raised in the business spending weekends gift wrapping, making bows and learning from both Mom & Dad. She took to the business and marketing side at a young age- begging to change the displays at the store after school.

The store moved across the parking lot in 1994 into the former Simpson’s Donut spot, adjacent to West Ridge Beverage.

Brittany officially came on in high school and continued to work thru college while earning her bachelors degree in Marketing at SUNY Brockport. Upon graduation she came on full time and brought the business into the 21st century. The revolutionary new inventory and website system she implemented allows JF Jones to compete with the big box stores.

Brittany officially took over in 2016 after our most recent move to Stone Ridge Plaza. Brittany has continued her education by earning her Graduate Diamonds Degree from The Gemological Institute of America. (GIA)  She is currently pursuing her Graduate Gemologist degree from GIA.

Many members of the Jones family have worked at the store over the years. And many staff have become family. Brittany, third generation, runs the store today with the goal of making her late Grandfather and Father proud.

  • 1928 Established at S. Goodman & Clinton
  • 1939 Moved to SW corner of Ridge & Dewey
  • 1969 Moved to NE corner of Ridge & Dewey
  • 1972 Moved to West Ridge Plaza (next to the barber)
  • 1976 Len takes over, Colleen joins
  • 1978 Moved down the plaza (next to Skip’s Meat Market)
  • 1994 Moved across the plaza (next to drive-thru beverage)
  • 2005 Brittany joins
  • 2015 Moved to Stone Ridge Plaza
  • 2016 Colleen retires and Brittany takes over

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