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Professional Jewelry Cleaning Service

We recommend to have a professional inspection and cleaning at least every six months. Some professions/lifestyles are tougher on jewelry and should be done every four months. During your inspection we will evaluate your jewelry for signs of normal wear and tear and determine if preventative maintenance would help to prolong the life of your jewelry.

Cleaning & Inspections are ALWAYS FREE!

Even if your didn’t buy your jewelry from us!

Limit six (6) items per visit


For any item with stones we will inspect stones for tightness/security, prongs for wear, cracking, and positioning. Prongs usually need to be tightened/adjusted every few years. Prongs usually last 10 years for someone who takes good care of their jewelry. Someone who wears never takes off their jewelry will need to have prongs rebuilt/replaced more frequently.

Rings will be checked for thinning, bent, out of round or cracked shanks. The shank is the lower portion of the ring that you normally don’t look at as it is on the bottom side of your hand. Prolonged wear, rubbing against other rings or too many sizing’s can cause shanks to thin. Worn shanks can be replaced and restored back to their original thickness.

Chains and bracelets will have their connection points and clasps inspected for tightness, alignment and stretching. Worn clasps can sometimes be tightened, but it is always best to replace for maximum security.

Earrings should be checked for backing security. Post style earrings with friction backs can easily be tightened. Threaded backs and posts may need to be replaced after prolonged use due to threading wearing down. Lever back and hoop styles connections can also be tightened and adjusted.

Freshly cleaned ring


After inspection your jewelry will soak in our ultra sonic cleaner, where sound waves move the heated solution into all the nooks and crannies for a thorough cleaning.

Lastly we will steam clean to remove pesky dirt and debris. (Not all stones can withstand the temperature of a steamer, our jewelers are trained to decipher if your jewelry can be steamed.)

Finally, after cleaning we will recheck all stones for tightness and security. Dirt, lotions and cosmetics can act like glue and hold stones securely in place. Upon removing the “glue” stones can become loose. We will inform you if this is the case and provide you with a free no obligations repair estimate.

While this service is free, it does take a bit of time to do a thorough job. Please allow our jeweler at least 15 minutes to perform a proper cleaning and inspection.

Please be aware that most jewelry stores warranties are voided if jewelry is serviced/cleaned by another jeweler. We do not want to void your warranty so please tell us before hand if you have one!

jewelry styles not serviced at JF Jones Jewelers: Channel set baguettes, invisible set/quad-set/pressure-set or channel set princess cut stones.
Please note there are select styles we do not service unless they were originally purchased from us.


We offer restoration service to bring your jewelry back to show-room quality. This includes buffing and polishing the metal, checking and tightening stones.

Rings Start at $42

Pendants Start at $36

Earrings Start at $72

Chains/Bracelet Start at $60