Looking for something unique? Or have you inherited some jewelry that just isn’t your style?  Let me design something just for you!

Meet our designer: Brittany Jones Lonthair, GIA Diamonds Graduate, third generation owner.  With my experience, knowledge and passion for jewelry- I will give you my most honest and straight forward opinion.  You will work with me from start to finish to guarantee a seamless process.

Design Services:

  • Custom design from scratch
  • Re-design your existing jewelry
  • Personalize/Customize our jewelry or yours

JF Jones’ strict workmanship standards ensures a quality designed piece to last for generations.


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Email: Brittany@jfjonesjewelers.com

Designs from Scratch

When looking for a truly one of a kind design, we turn to a combination of old fashion design and modern technology. We utilize state of the art CAD software to turn a simple hand drawing into a 3D computer rendering. This is a great option when trying to duplicate or modify an existing design. A 3D scanner can take a scan of your old worn out ring to make a duplicate. 3D scanner can also be used to make a custom fit matching wedding band.

See below some of our CAD designs and their final results!

This particular job was commissioned when a husband wanted to surprise his wife by duplicating her favorite costume ring. The original ring contained an unrealistically large stone, so Brittany designed the ring to hold a 3/4ct round brilliant natural diamond in the center with a halo of smaller diamonds to give the same visual effect. The ring was crafted in 14K white gold with princess cut genuine blue sapphires and round brilliant natural diamond accents. Start to finish this job took just three weeks!

This unique custom engagement ring was just a figment of the client’s imagination before he met Brittany. It was difficult for him to “print” the photo he had in his head. Looking at other designs through out the store, together, Brittany and the client were able to sketch a rough draft and determine the best choice of gem stones and colors. After a few short days a CAD rendering was produced and several genuine Rubies and black Diamonds were sent in. At the follow up appointment a few tweaks were made and the design was approved. About three weeks later the final ring was complete and ready to be proposed with!

This job came about when a husband wanted to surprise his wife for her birthday with a family ring. He had a vision in his head of her birthstone, Diamond, in the center surrounded by their eight grandchildren’s birthstones. Brittany helped sketch out the design at the initial consultation. Together Brittany and the client chose appropriate stone sizes by looking at other finished jewelry pieces in the store. Then they sat down and moved around loose gemstones on piece of white paper to create the proper balance of color.

About a week later the CAD rendering was completed and approved. Roughly three weeks later the completed ring was delivered to the client in time for a truly special birthday surprise!

A husband came in with the idea of creating a custom pendant for his wife with their children’s initials and three diamonds. Brittany offered a little design help to create a stable design with multiple connection points. Now this Mom has a unique pendant that will become a family heirloom and last for generations.


Have you inherited some jewelry that just isn’t your style? Or maybe just ready to update or upgrade? We’ve got you covered!.

Brittany designed this ring when a bride-to-be reached out because she never truly loved her engagement ring that was designed at another store. Brittany had her try on a dozen rings and encouraged her to step outside of her comfort zone by suggesting a few that were outside of her requested parameters. Explaining that what you think you like on pinterest, might not actually look as good in person or even on. She finally decided on a ring that self-admittedly she never would have chosen herself, but it looked amazing on and checked all of the boxes.

The new ring was crafted in a two-piece casting of both 14K white and rose gold. Brittany chose the rose gold for the center to enhance the color of the Morganite, but focused the majority of design in white gold and diamonds to add the sparkle that the client felt was missing from the original design.

A few short weeks later the ring was made and our jeweler, John, set her original stone into the new ring. The result was an incredible ring and very happy bride.

This bride to be had recently inherited her aunt’s diamond ring. Though it was not her style, it held sentimental value. She asked Brittany to design her a wedding band using the original diamonds. Together they decided on a curved design that would hug up to her engagement ring. In order to obtain the proper curve and design a ring that would fit the bride’s small hand- Brittany suggested to use only three of the five stones as they were each individually rather large. A plain, polished finish on the band was too stark and modern looking against the contrast of the glittery side stones of her engagement ring. So Brittany recommended hand engraving- which would also hold true to the original rings vintage style.

With the final two diamonds, we created a pair of stud earrings for the bride to wear on her wedding day.

Erin had several rings that were just sitting in her jewelry box. Some were family heirlooms and others were just styles she outgrown. Brittany helped Erin choose the stones that were most suitable for everyday wear and together they designed one ring that she could wear everyday.


We can personalize nearly any item in our stock

Personalized Collections:

  • Lockets-we will print and install your photo
  • Signet Jewelry- we will engrave your initials
  • Engravable Jewelry- we can engrave a special message, initials or date
  • Watches- we can engrave the case back with a special message, initials or date
  • Ash holders- we will install ashes for you
  • Family Jewelry- custom made with your birthstones

We can also personalize your existing jewelry!


We can alter the size/length of our jewelry to fit you properly. Or we can add gems or charms that hold special meaning.

Brittany designed this necklace for her best friend after the birth of her first child. The new Mom had seen a few styles she liked on etsy but knew they would not hold up to the daily wear of raising a newborn. The two texted back and forth photos to determine the proper length, style and placement. In fact, the entire design was created via text! The final product was hand delivered and the new Mom wears it everyday.