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Diamond Trade-Up Program

Sparkling Brilliance, Endless Love: Introducing Our Diamond Trade-Up Program

At JF Jones Jewelers, we believe that love should always have room to grow, just like a diamond’s radiant beauty. That’s why we’re proud to offer our Diamond Trade-Up Program—a unique opportunity to upgrade your JFJ loose diamond, solitaire ring, solitaire pendant, or solitaire earrings. Experience the joy of elevating your precious diamond to new heights while receiving the full value you paid (excluding sales tax) as a credit towards the purchase of a new diamond. Discover how your love story can continue to sparkle and evolve through this exceptional program.

Unlock the Benefits of Our Diamond Trade-Up Program:

Full Value Trade-In

When you choose to upgrade your JFJ diamond, we honor your investment by providing you with the full value that you originally paid, excluding sales tax. This means you can confidently explore new possibilities and select a stunning diamond that captures your evolving style and eternal love.

Expand Your Options

The Diamond Trade-Up Program offers you a chance to explore a wider range of options. Whether you desire a larger carat size, a different cut, or a unique design, our extensive selection will ignite your imagination. From exquisite solitaires to dazzling diamond ensembles, our collection is carefully curated to satisfy even the most discerning tastes.

Natural Diamond Excellence

Our trade-up program is exclusively available for natural diamonds, ensuring that you’re always investing in genuine, ethically sourced gemstones of exceptional quality. Celebrate the brilliance and timeless allure of natural diamonds as you embark on this exciting upgrade journey.

Seamless Upgrade Process

To participate in the Diamond Trade-Up Program, simply bring your eligible item to our store, where our knowledgeable team will guide you through the process. Please note that damaged items, single earrings, or missing lab reports may be subject to a restocking fee or disqualification from the program.

Upgrade Requirements

To provide you with a clear understanding of the program’s eligibility, here are the minimum upgrade requirements based on the original purchase price:

  • Original Purchase Price: $1 – $999.99 Minimum Upgrade: 100% of the original purchase value
  • Original Purchase Price: $1000 – $4999.99 Minimum Upgrade: 75% of the original purchase value
  • Original Purchase Price: $5000+ Minimum Upgrade: 50% of the original purchase value

Love is a journey of growth and evolution, and at JF Jones Jewelers, we’re committed to ensuring that your diamonds reflect this beautiful transformation. Our Diamond Trade-Up Program allows you to embrace the brilliance of a new diamond while honoring the value of your previous investment. Experience the joy of watching your love story unfold through the shimmering facets of a captivating new diamond. Visit our store today to explore the endless possibilities and start your journey towards an upgraded symbol of love.

*Terms and conditions apply. Please consult our knowledgeable staff for further details.