Cleaning at Home

Always use professional cleaning products. Never try a DIY recipe or use household cleaners or chemicals. We offer small jars of liquid jewelry cleaner for you to maintain your jewelry at home home between semi-annual inspections.

Jar Cleaning Instructions:

  1. Dip your jewelry into the cleaner for a few minutes. Use the small brush to loosen pesky dirt
  2. No rinsing required
  3. Dry thoroughly with a lint free cloth
  4. Use a polishing cloth for extra shine (We do not recommend to use polishing cloths on plated jewelry ie. rhodium or gold plating as it can remove plating.)

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Jewelry Care Tips

When to take off jewelry:

  • Bed time
  • Bathing/swimming/hot tub
  • House work/Laundry/Dishes
  • Gardening
  • Sports/Gym


  • Chemicals (Bleach, Ammonia, etc.)
  • Salt water
  • Chlorine (Hot tubs, pools)
  • Lotions, perfume, cosmetics
  • Hand sanitizer

These products can dull stones, contaminate metal and/or damage rhodium/gold plating/finish