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Extended Warranty Plans

We stand behind what we sell, and offer at minimum a one year manufacturers warranty against defect, but we can not guarantee against life.  Things happen and stones can come loose or even fall out.  The JM Care Plan gives you and/or the jewelry wearer peace of mind.   

This plan is especially advantageous to someone who is “hard” on their jewelry or never takes it off.  We recommend jewelry be taken off when bathing, swimming, exercising and sleeping.  But lets face it, not all of us want to be bothered to.  For those we would strongly advocate purchasing a warranty plan.

We offer both a lifetime care plan and a 3 year option.  The JM Care Plan is available to purchase at the time of sale in store.  You may choose to add the JM Care Plan to your purchase within 30 days in store only.

Many of our designer lines carry a lifetime manufacturer warranty.  The advantage of adding the JM Care Plan to a lifetime warranty, is that JM will cover any shipping related costs.

To learn more about the JM Care Plan Click Here

This warranty plan is NOT Insurance.  It is always a good idea to get jewelry insurance.  We recommend it on items over $1,000 and wedding rings.

See below for information about jewelry insurance from Jewelers Mutual.