Gold Buying

We buy gold and diamonds at the most competitive prices. We begin by identifying your products based on their metal quality. Metals are then separated, sorted and weighed on our licensed calibrated scale. Diamonds are evaluated by our third generation owner, Brittany Jones Lonthair, GIA Diamonds Graduate. We quote based on the daily metal price. We provide you with an offer and the judgement to sell is yours.

If you are no longer wearing your item, it is broken beyond repair or out-dated this is a great option to put cash in your pocket.

Receive 20% more towards your purchase or repair!

You may be surprised what your broken, unwanted jewelry is worth.  Gather up those single earrings and that ring from your old boyfriend!

*Appointments are required

*A valid New York State photo ID is required to sell. We will provide you with immediate payment.

*Gold and diamond markets are constantly changing, so unfortunately, we are not able to give quotes over the phone.

We do not resell the used jewelry we buy, we recycle it.  If your items are in good condition or perhaps have antique value, we will always steer you in the right direction to get the most money. 

We hold an estate buying event twice a year that might be a better opportunity for you to sell.

Estate Buying Event information Click here.