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Alternative Wedding Bands

What is Alternative?

Anything but basic! We use alternative to mean any metal other than gold. What do our customers love most about alternative metal rings? That they are more durable than gold and offer a non-traditional look.

Metal Types


Color: Black

Hardness: 8/10

Weight: Light

Price: $$$


Permanent Black Color


Color: Silver

Hardness: 7.5/10

Weight: Medium

Price: $$$


70% Less $ than White Gold


Color: Dark Grey

Hardness: 9.5/10

Weight: Heavy

Price: $$

Hardest Available

Warning: Very Heavy


Color: Light Grey

Hardness: 6/10

Weight: Light

Price: $


Aircraft Grade


A wedding band is meant to be worn everyday for many many years. It is important we find a suitable ring to fit your lifestyle and profession.

All of the alternative metals are harder than gold, making them a great choice for someone who works with their hands.

Lifetime Warranty

These metals are so strong, that they can’t be re-sized. The manufacturer offers a lifetime size exchange warranty. Should you need a different finger size down the road they will exchange it for a new ring. The only cost to you is shipping.

These rings are tough! But not completely indestructible. In the event that they get scratched, we are unable to buff it out using our tools. We will send it back to the manufacturer to have it repaired. Again the only cost to you is shipping.


Our rings are made of high quality and purity metals to ensure that they are safe to wear. Our rings can be removed in the event of an emergency with traditional ring cutters. Tungsten requires a ring cracker or vice grip pliers.

Wondering why some rings are so cheap online?

Those are made with a very low purity of the metal and contain unknown filler metals that are unable to be removed.


All rings are made by hand in the factory in Utah, USA

All styles are customizable

Many inlay materials including: Precious metals, wood, deer antler, dinosaur bone, Damascus Steel, Carbon Fiber and more

Get Creative!

Is an Alternative Metal Band Right for You?