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A jewelry appraisal is a value assigned to your jewelry as of a specific date.  The type of value is defined in the scope of work at your initial consultation.

Do not confuse jewelry appraisals with selling your jewelry (CASH FOR GOLD.)

If you are interested in selling please visit our gold buying page here.


Appraisals are completed by our third generation owner, Brittany Jones Lonthair, GIA Diamonds Graduate.  Brittany was born and raised in the business learning from her late father, Leonard Jones, whom was trained by his late father, Joseph F Jones.  Brittany uses a combination of current and old-world technology and practices to thoroughly evaluate your jewelry.  All items are fully insured and kept in our safe.

What to expect?

Pricing starts at $125 per item. Free estimates

The item(s) must be left for evaluation. All items are fully insured and kept in our safe.

Standard turn around is 1 week

Be Prepared:

If the appraisal is required for a legal manner please ask your attorney what they require before making an appointment.

Bring any documentation, including prior appraisals, original receipts and diamond reports to your appointment.


There are three different values that can be assigned to an item

  1. Replacement valuation (Highest Value) this is how much it would cost to replace your item(s) with a brand new item of like kind and quality if it were lost or stolen. This valuation is only used for obtaining insurance.
  2. Fair Market Value (Middle Value) this is used to determine a fair selling price to a private party (Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace or Ebay.) This is what you can expect to sell an item for to a willing buyer. It may take time to realize this value and is not meant to be used when needing immediate liquidation. Please note there are limitation to this. This only applies for items that are in good to excellent condition and desirable styles/time periods. Broken, extremely worn or dated jewelry can only appraised at scrap value level.
  3. Cash/Scrap/Liquidation Value (Lowest Value) This is what you can immediately liquidate your item for.


1. Insurance Appraisal

Replacement valuation (Highest Value) for obtaining insurance

This is recommended for any item valued over $1,000

Free insurance appraisal provided when you purchase JFJ Jewelry.

Updated appraisals are 1/2 price (must provide original JF Jones appraisal)

Appraisal updates are recommended periodically to make sure that your coverage is adequate for today’s rising gold and diamond markets. Most insurance companies require an updated appraisal every five years.

2. Estate Appraisal

Used to facilitate fair distribution to heirs or to determine fair selling price to a private party (Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace or Ebay.)

Fair Market Value (Middle Value)

3. Bankruptcy/Separation Appraisal

Used to facilitate fair distribution of assets in separation/divorce proceedings or for valuing assets during bankruptcy settlement.

Cash/Scrap/Liquidation Value (Lowest Value)

This is a written offer of what we would purchase your item(s) for.

Metal, diamond and gem prices have increased significantly over the years.

If your insurance is based on an outdated appraisal, then you are not fully insured!

Please note we do not appraise or purchase pearls, watches, coins or silverware.