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Jewelry Appraisals

jewelry appraisals performed on site

What is a Jewelry Appraisal?

A jewelry appraisal is a value assigned to your jewelry as of a specific date.  The type of value is defined in the scope of work at your initial consultation.

Do not confuse jewelry appraisals with selling your jewelry (CASH FOR GOLD)

If you are interested in selling please visit our gold buying page here.

Appraisals at JF Jones Jewelers

Appraisals are completed by our third generation owner, Brittany Jones Lonthair, GIA Diamonds Graduate.  Brittany was born and raised in the business learning from her late father, Leonard Jones, whom was trained by his late father, Joseph F Jones.  Brittany uses a combination of current and old-world technology and practices to thoroughly evaluate your jewelry. 

By Appointment Only

You will work one-on-one with our appraiser. $125 consultation fee is required to book your appointment and is applied towards your selected services.

Please complete the answers to the appointment questions and provide as much information as possible. Our appraiser, Brittany may reach out to you to clarify or request photos.

If you can not find a convenient day/time text/call us 259-8151

What to Expect During Your Consultation

You will sit down with our appraiser, Brittany Jones Lonthair, GIA Diamonds Graduate. She will sort through your jewelry to separate costume jewelry from fine jewelry. She will help to identify which items are valuable and what type of appraisals she recommends for your situation.

Verbal Appraisals

Verbal Appraisals For:

  • Curiosity
  • Sorting through large collection

Performed in front of you

jewelry box appraisal

What We Will Do

  • Identify/test metal type & Purity
  • Identify/test Diamonds
  • Identify Natural vs. Lab Grown Diamond
  • Estimate Carat Weight of Diamonds
  • Show you identifying characteristics/engraving
  • Show you comparable item in our stock
  • Give ball park values

What We Don’t Do

  • Grade Diamonds: Color, Clarity, Cut
  • Identify Gemstones
  • Calculate Insurance Replacement Value
  • Calculate Fair Market Value
  • Produce Written Document


$125 flat fee for up to 1 hour of sorting, identifying and appraising unlimited items.

Pricing thereafter is $30/ 15 minute increment.


Used To:

  • Determine Authenticity of inherited jewelry or online purchase.
  • Match an item with a document (appraisal, receipt etc.)
  • Match a diamond with a lab report

Performed in front of you

jewelry microscope

What We Will Do

  • Quick Cleaning
  • Identify/test metal type & Purity
  • Identify/test Diamonds
  • Identify Natural vs. Lab Grown Diamond
  • Estimate Carat Weight of Diamonds
  • Estimate Color & Clarity of Diamonds
  • Identify Gemstones
  • Verify Measurements of Stone
  • Show you identifying characteristics/engraving
  • Show you inscription on diamond (when present)

What We Won’t Do

  • Assign a Value


$125 per item.

Written Appraisals

Written Appraisals are Used For:

  1. Insurance
  2. Bankruptcy
  3. Separation/Divorce
  4. Estate
  5. Third Party Value-establish fair price to sell to private party (eBay, Craiglist, FaceBook marketplace etc.)
jewelry appraisal

Your item(s) will need to be left for evaluation. We will examine your item(s) for damage and make recommendations for repairs if necessary. We will enter a brief description along with identifying marks, weights and measurements into our computer. You will receive a receipt with this information and a photo of your item(s.) All items are fully insured and kept in our safe. Standard turn around is 1 week


Includes quick cleaning, written document includes 3 photographs and raised seal. (Full restoration cleaning/polishing/refinishing is available for an additional fee.)

Loose Stone $125

Jewelry with stones (price per item)

  • 0-1 Stones $125
  • 2-10 Stones $150
  • 11-20 Stones $175
  • 21-30 Stones $200
  • 31-40 Stones $225
  • 41-49 Stones $250
  • 50+ stones/Complex Items- Quote

The appointment consultation fee of $125 is applied towards the total appraisal fee. The balance of the fee is due at drop off before the appraisal can be completed.

Be Prepared

If the appraisal is required for a legal manner please ask your attorney what they require before making an appointment.

Bring any documentation, including prior appraisals, original receipts and diamond reports to your appointment.

We Appraise Jewelry Only

We Do Not Appraise:

  • Bullion
  • Coins
  • Silver Flat Ware
  • Pearls*
  • Watches/Pocket Watches

Check Out Our Buying Event for these items (except pearls)

semi-annual buying event