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How to Choose the Perfect Radiant-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

One of the more popular diamond cuts for engagement rings is the radiant cut. According to JewelryTalk, Henry Grossbard, a New York diamond cutter, crafted the first example of a radiant cut in the 1970s. Since then, radiant-cut diamonds have become exceptionally popular due to their impressive sparkle, slim silhouette, and clean lines. When choosing a radiant-cut diamond engagement ring, pay attention to these features.

Diamond Quality

Although all radiant-cut diamonds sparkle beautifully, they aren’t all equal in quality. Gemologists grade diamonds based on their color, clarity, and cut. The best radiant-cut diamonds won’t have obvious inclusions and should be crystal clear to the naked eye. The cut is graded on the polish and symmetry of the stone. But the one thing you won’t find on any diamond grading report is sparkle. All of our diamonds are hand selected by our gemologist and owner Brittany.

Diamond Size

Of course, one of the most important features of a radiant-cut diamond is its size. While all radiant-cut diamonds make for beautiful engagement rings, larger diamonds are highly prized. You should keep your budget in mind when looking for larger-carat diamonds. Keep in mind that bigger isn’t always better; a smaller diamond with better color and clarity may sparkle more than a larger diamond with visible inclusions.

Setting Style

Radiant-cut diamonds are perfect for a variety of ring settings, making them a versatile choice for engagement rings. A classic choice is the solitaire prong setting that emphasizes the diamond itself. A three-stone ring setting allows you to customize your ring with multiple stones. If you want to show off the ring itself along with the diamond, a bezel setting may be exactly what you’re looking for since it frames the center gem in a band of metal.

Ring Metal

Finally, you should choose the right metal for your ring. Gold and platinum are relatively common metals that most jewelers work with. Note that some metals require more upkeep than others. For example, white gold needs to be rhodium plated about once a year, according to Brides.

Choosing the perfect engagement ring can feel overwhelming, but with a radiant-cut diamond in the center, any ring design will look gorgeous. If you’re ready to start your search for an engagement ring, contact JF Jones Jewelers to book an appointment. Our diamond expert, Brittany, will help you find the perfect ring.