Guide to Wedding Band Shopping

When to buy?

We recommend to start looking at wedding bands six months before your wedding and take pictures when trying on. This will give you some time to mull it over.

Wedding bands are made to order in your size. Plan to order your bands at least four months before the wedding to allow for customization, personalization and sizing adjustments.

How much to spend?

Most couples spend $1000-$2000 total for both rings

We have options for all budgets


We offer free engraving inside the ring. This will help to identify your ring if it is ever lost/stolen. It is also the perfect opportunity to put a secret/special message to your significant other. Discuss this and prepare a list of options before shopping. Small finger sizes or ring styles with stones can limit the number of characters we can fit, so have an abbreviated version prepared.

Popular engravings:

  • Wedding Date
  • Couples Initials. Example: JFJ to BJL
  • Put it back on! (yes we have actually engraved this before!)


A wedding band is meant to be worn everyday for many many years. It is important we find a suitable ring to fit your lifestyle and profession. Rings with gemstones/diamonds will require more maintenance as they can come loose or even fall out and are not recommended for super active lifestyles or professions like nurses and hairdressers that work with hair or wear gloves. If you desire accent stones in your band, we may suggest a durable channel setting where the stones are set down in a recessed channel and covered on both sides with a strip of metal. If you work with your hands consider tungsten as a more durable and scratch resistant option. We have non-conductive ceramic rings suitable for electricians.


  • Wedding bands are worn on the left hand, on your ring finger
  • Brides: the wedding band goes underneath your engagement ring, closest to your hand
  • You buy each others wedding bands
  • Modern approach- split them
curved wedding band as advertised in the knot
Curved Wedding Band. We offer 12 different curves to fit 95% of engagement rings!

General Tips/Tricks

  • Try on a lot of styles, even ones you don’t think you will like. What you like in a picture or on someone else may look completely different on your hand size/skin tone
  • Big hand? Opt for a wider width
  • Small hand? Opt for a thinner band to fit your proportions
  • Don’t cheap out. This ring should be considered an investment if you want it to last. The old adage- “you get what you pay for” is true! Better quality products will cost more up front, but are built to last and will require less repairs and maintenance in the long run.
  • When in doubt, go for a classic style that is timeless

Tips for Men’s Bands:

  • Common men’s widths: 5mm-8mm
  • Have you ever worn a ring before? If not, opt for a lighter metal and a thinner width/profile. This will feel more comfortable to you
  • Opt for comfort fit when available. Comfort fit means that the inside of the ring is rounded instead of flat. It is a more comfortable fit and worth the investment.
  • Black ceramic & zirconium is a big commitment. Who knows if you will still like it in ten years. Opt for tungsten or titanium which are a dark grey color-a nice compromise between dark black and bright shine of white or yellow gold
  • Choose a satin or hammered finish to hide scratches

Tips for Ladies Bands:

  • Common ladies rings widths: 2mm-4mm
  • We offer curved bands that will match the contours of your engagement ring for a nice flush fit
  • You may opt to wear your wedding band alone some days, to run errands or to travel. If so, opt for a straight band that looks good on its own.
  • It’s ok to mix and match! Your wedding band does not have to be the same color metal/stones as your engagement ring.
  • It’s ok to stack! A second wedding band makes a great gift for an anniversary or push present. See what the band looks like stacked.
  • Consider going 1/4 size up for your wedding band, as wearing two rings together will fit tighter
  • If your engagement ring and wedding bands are both white gold, plan to get your engagement ring rhodium plated (dipped) before the wedding so it will match your new wedding band.

Silicone Bands

Free silicone band with $200 wedding band purchase

Silicone bands are made to wear in place of your wedding band, when you are working or doing activities when you shouldn’t wear you rings.

When to wear:

  • Working out/Gym
  • Swimming/Boating
  • Traveling/Camping
  • Occupations: Police, Fire, Military, Machinists, Electricians
  • Hobbies: Gardening, Working, Horseback Riding, Working on Cars

Wedding Day Emergency Kit
Wedding Band Swag Bag

Swag Bag $200 Value

  • Pair of “Does this ring make me look married?” Koozies
  • Jewelry Cleaning & Care Kit
  • Wedding Day Emergency Kit
  • Mr & Mrs or You & Me ring dish
  • Pair of Silicone Wedding Bands
  • Free Inside Ring Engraving

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