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While You Wait

Battery replacement $15

Our experts will carefully remove your case back, inspect for damage, moisture or debris, remove and test your old battery, install a fresh battery and inspect your gasket.  Upon completion we will seal your back on and set your time, day and date.

1 Year Warranty* (We will replace the battery within one year free of charge.  We are not responsible for defective movements.)

*Please bring your instruction manual if you need help setting digital watches

*Please note we do not change rechargeable battery cells (solar or citizen eco-drive)

Watch Band Adjustment $20

*If you need links added back in please bring them with you.  All watch bands take unique links, we don’t have extras.

Watch Band Replacement

We offer a large selection of leather replacement bands including lizard, alligator, crocodile and calfskin.

Black & Brown 8mm-24mm regular and long in stock

Other colors, sizes, styles and extra long available by special order

We also carry Stainless Steel, gold-tone and two-tone metal expansion and buckle style replacement bands. Installed and adjusted for free while you wait.

Watch Pin Replacement 1 for $10 or 2 for $15

Lose a pin? Or did one break?  Perhaps the last guy didn’t use the right size…trust us to expertly measure and install the proper part for your watch.

Watch Clasp Replacement & Adjustment

Is your old clasp popping open without warning?  Sometimes it just needs a minor adjustment and we can help!  If we determine that the clasp has failed we can help to find you a suitable generic replacement.

Gasket Replacement $15

Most modern watches have a rubber gasket that can dry out, stretch out and crack after repeated battery changes.  We always inspect your gasket when changing batteries and will let you know if we recommend replacing yours.  The gasket helps to seal out moisture and keep your watch and rust free.  Although we take the utmost care we can not guarantee water proofing due to the complicated and costly testing/equipment necessary for water testing.  If you are an avid diver or swimmer we recommend to send your watch to the original factory for battery change and water testing services.

*We do not guarantee waterproofing on any in-store repairs.

*Please note there are select watches we do not service including:


  • Coach
  • Breitling
  • ESQ
  • Movado
  • Patek Philip
  • Rado
  • Rolex


  • Ceramic
  • Lucite/Plastic
  • Wood

Movements (we can service watch bands)

  • Automatic (Seiko Kinetic)
  • Wind Up
  • Solar (Citizen Eco Drive)