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Having trouble finding a band to fit your engagement ring?

We have the solution! And… at a reasonable price.

Step 1: Choose your curve

Try on our 12 curved bands to see which one hugs your ring the best.

These bands are specially designed to fit over 75% of engagement rings

Step 2: Choose your design

Simple polished and plain or bling it out by choosing from our designs with accent stones. Diamonds, colored diamonds and gemstones available.

Step 3: Choose your metal

Available in 14K or 18K gold in yellow, white or rose.

Platinum also available

We recommend to order your wedding band in the same metal as your engagement ring so that the color and strength will match. For this reason, 14K gold is the most popular and more cost efficient choice.

Step 4: Finger Size

Each band is made custom for you in your finger size

Step 5: Order your band!

Orders typically take 3-4 weeks

Proudly made in USA!

Order two two create your own enhancer. We can always order a second band later (for first anniversary, push present, birthday etc.!)