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Build Your Own Engagement Rings

Recent Designs

Each unique design is named after the bride it was designed for









Design Process

Book Appointment

Please complete the answers to the questions and provide any important information about the design. Our designer, Brittany may reach out to you to clarify or request photos.

If you can not find a convenient day/time text/call us 295-8151

Here is what to expect at your appointment

Look at our designs

We have two showcases of fully customizable ring designs. It’s important to touch, feel and try-one the designs. What looks great on insta or pinterest may not look good on your finger. We also have a display of magnetic rings so that you can choose your ring and instantly change the center stone.


We can customize our designs instantly by showing images and videos on our iPad (Or you can design from home below)

  • Main Stone Shape
  • Main Stone Type: Diamond, Lab Diamond, Moissanite or Gemstone
  • Accent Stone Type: Diamond, Lab Diamond, Moissanite or Gemstone
  • Metal: White gold, Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, Two-tone any combo


We are very transparent in our pricing, there are no hidden fees and no surprises!

All of our loose diamonds are display with clearly marked prices, carat weight, color and clarity.

Ring pricing is calculated instantly on the iPAD to your specifications as we make the design.

Using Your Center Stone

Labor fee to set your center stone runs $99-$499 depending on the shape and size.

Appraisal Fee $125 (Optional but 100% recommended so that you can insure your ring)

Buying Our Center Stone

No setting fee! No appraisal fee!

Order/ Delivery

Payment in full is required. Financing Available.

All designs Made in USA 2-4 weeks depending on complexity


Choose your ring and your center stone

Choose from standard setting, halo or hidden halo

1000+ Combinations

Choose Center Stone or Use Your Own

Ring Pricing Calculated on the Spot to Your Specifications

Made to Order 2-4 Weeks

Design Your Own Ring Now

Preview our custom collection below. Please note this is our designers catalog.  We don’t have EVERY single one of the rings in stock, but we do have most!

Make sure to mention which styles you like in your appointment request so that we can curate the right selection of rings and diamonds for your appointment.

More Engagement Rings

Looking for Something Truly Custom?

Custom Design

Your one-of-a-kind design

Use Your Stone(s) Or Ours

Estimate provided at appointment

We can turn your sketch into 3D computer drawing.

Made to Order 4-6 Weeks

Price $$$

Looking for Something Simpler, Less Expensive and Fast?

In Stock

Choose one of our 100+ Pre-Designed Best Selling Rings

Classic and Popular Designs- All Natural Diamonds

Prices Clearly Marked

Stock Size 7 Take Home Today! Re-Size 5-8 Later

3-4 Weeks to Order Different Size